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The Saturday Post 10/27/07

One step closer to liberty and justice? Former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld was
hit with a torture lawsuit. Hopefully he will prosecuted as he should be. Let's pray that it doesn't end like the Libby case.

Speaking of torture, where are those torture documents that we want to see? Oh that's right, Mr. Bush is still keeping them a secret from the public. Is it too much to ask for honesty and transparency in the government?

After detainees are tortured, what happens to them then? Nobody knows. The 'inmates' from the torturous prisons of our corrupt government have disappeared without a trace. We just can't trust the idiots running our country anymore. Want another good reason not to? Read on . . .

FEMA staged a press conference with their employees posing as reporters. The Agency's number two official recently apologized, but much like everything else coming from this corrupt government, the apology can not be trusted or believed to be sincere. It's just like that old adage-- FEMA isn't sorry for what they did, FEMA is sorry they got caught.

A fine example that politicians are out of touch with real Americans. Democrats, who are supposed to be the ones championing the working class, are planning to shorten their work week in Washington. I don't believe that these people can truly understand the struggles of America's working class if they live with all of these ridiculous luxuries and privileges. They are getting paid more than most Americans who work maybe six or seven days a week and work several jobs. Why does this not add up? We elected them to do their job and we are sure paying them plenty, so it is time that they be mature and actually work.

Be sure to check out Serj Tankian's new CD, Elect The Dead. Music with a great progressive message!

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Mikhail Kryzhanovsky, international superspy, the author of the "White House Special
Handbook, or How to Rule the World in the 21st Century", is the U.S. president de
facto. Since 1996 American presidents, Bill Clinton and now - George Bush, rule the
United States in strict accordance to his instructions.

FEMA scares the hell out of me. The fact they were created by executive order and can suspend the constitution any time they wish makes them probably the #1 government agency that I am afraid of... it's insane how bad they are.



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